Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Baby Corbitt is a…

…GIRL!  I will admit that I was shocked and cried.  Cry you say?  I was banking on a boy and when the nurse said it was a girl, it took my breath away!  However we are thrilled  and I am sure Edward will be a wonderful big brother to a sister.  She was a little shy at first and kept her legs together as a young lady should do!  She finally cooperated and we were able to see.  From the looks of the ultrasound, she looked to be healthy and was measuring at about half a pound.  She also measured right on time for June 2, 2010.  Our next big decision is what to name her.  We had already picked out a boy name so it is back to the drawing board!  I will update as soon as that decision is made!  I hope everyone has a Happy New Years!




Monday, December 28, 2009

Baby Corbitt Update

I haven’t done any posts lately on the baby.  I will be 18 weeks on Wednesday and I am feeling great!!  We go for our ultrasound on Wednesday and I will be sure to post with the sex of our little miracle!  Stay tuned!

Christmas Part 4

On Saturday we celebrated Christmas with the whole Corbitt family.  Thomas’ grandmother prepared a wonderful meal and we all enjoyed the fellowship with one another.  Edward, once again, had a great time entertaining and opening gifts!



Edward and Uncle Clay








Edward and Uncle Clay


Brooke and Ally




Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day

We started our Christmas Day at 6am.  Brooke slept with Edward and Thomas and I set the alarm for 6 so that we could have a little family time before the hustle and bustle started.  Edward was so surprised!  Santa brought him a Little People Noah’s Ark and Busy House as well as a Power Wheels Pick-up truck.  He loves his new toys.  Brooke got clothes and a Wii game as well as the cell phone that she has been begging for for about 2 years!  She was totally surprised!!  Santa was good to Thomas and me, too.  I am proud to say that we are no longer old fashioned and I can finally work on the blog from the comfort of my bed!!  After spending a little time together, Thomas’ parents and youngest brother and his family arrived for breakfast.  We enjoyed spending a little time with them before heading back to Montgomery to celebrate with my mom and siblings.

I know I have mentioned this before, but I absolutely love being with my family.  We are all so close and there is never a dull moment when we are all together!  We all got lots of fun things and mom prepared a delicious lunch for everyone.  We stayed a couple of hours before rushing back to Auburn to get our house ready for my mother-in-law’s family.

We celebrated that night with Nancy Clay’s father, brother and his family and all of Thomas’ brothers and their families.  We had a very fun, casual time.  Edward enjoyed all of the attention and Brooke enjoyed playing the Wii with her aunts and uncles.  I always love having a house full of family!

It was a VERY long, exhausting, but fun day.  I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas.








Happy in his new wagon from Pot and Nana Clay







Edward and Gee



Papa (Thomas’ grandfather), Nancy Clay, Edward and Ally




Edward and Nana Clay

Christmas Eve

This year we celebrated Christmas with my Dad for lunch on Christmas Eve.  All of my siblings were there as well as my grandfather, aunt and uncle.  We had a nice time together.  Dad prepared a delicious meal. 

This year has been so much fun with Edward.  He understands how to open presents and even says “Merry Christmas.”  It is so precious to watch.  I think he has enjoyed learning about the tree, ornaments and everything else associated with Christmas.  We tried to teach him about Jesus’ birthday, but I think he is too young to understand.  We will have to work on that for next year. 

After lunch we opened gifts.  My dad, who has a Harley, gave Edward a Harley-Davidson tricycle.  Edward LOVES it.  Thomas counted that he has 8 riding toys.  I think we need a separate garage for all of his “vehicles.”  We all got some nice things and enjoyed being together.  Afterwards, we headed back to Auburn.  We were going to attempt the Children’s Service at church, but Edward was exhausted and still asleep.  We spent family time together before our neighbors came over for supper and to exchange gifts.

After our neighbors left, I let Edward and Brooke each open one gift from under the tree.  Every year they get a pair of pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve.  This tradition was started when my mom was a little girl.  We finally got Edward unwound so that he could go to bed and Santa could begin his work.  Thomas and I had a blast this year with Christmas!!


Edward and Aunt Jac






Trying to help put together the motorcycle 


Daddy and Uncle Will putting the motorcycle together


Trying out his new wheels


Edward and my dad (who still does not have a name!)


A Night with Gee

Tuesday night I took the kids and headed to Montgomery to spend some time with my mom and two sisters.  Anne Moreland lives in Oxford, Mississippi so I don’t get to see her very often.  I decided to give Thomas a quiet night alone so I could spend some quality time with the girls.  We got to Montgomery in the late afternoon and had a nice time.  Mom and AM watched the kids so I could get a little last minute shopping in.  Edward absolutely loves being with Gee.  Brian (AM’s fiancĂ©e) and AM prepared a nice meal before they headed out to meet friends.  After supper, AM and I took Edward to the tackiest house in Montgomery.  There are two very small houses that border Old Cloverdale and Carter Hill Rd.  They have SO much Christmas stuff in their yards that I don’t think you could successful walk through the yard without knocking something over.  Edward loved Callaway so much that I figured these two houses would be a hit.  Boy, were they!!!!  He walked along the fence trying to touch everything.  When we left, he wanted to hug and kiss Mickey Mouse and Thomas the Train.