Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend.  It started off by joining my mom, brother, Will and his wife and son at the Montgomery Country Club Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday.  This was Edward’s first real egg hunt.  I’m not really sure why we didn’t take him to one last year…maybe we thought he was too young.  There was so much to do at the club.  They had several games set up as well as several bouncy houses.  The Easter Bunny even arrived in a fire truck (which Edward LOVED).  The eggs weren’t really hidden, they were kind of thrown into a roped off grassy area.  It was a madhouse when it came time to “grab” your eggs.  All Edward wanted to do was open the eggs as soon as he picked one up.  I’m pretty sure he had a good time!




Baby William with the Easter Bunny


Edward, William and the Easter Bunny










After the hunt, mom treated us all to lunch since the other half of the siblings were out of town and she hadn’t planned on serving an Easter lunch.  We enjoyed the fellowship.  Thanks Will and Jacqueline for inviting us to the egg hunt!  After lunch we enjoyed a VERY relaxing afternoon at mom’s.  Edward really loves being at Gee’s house.  She has two precious dogs that he adores and she lets him stay outside until bedtime!!!!  Thomas grilled out while we were all entertained by Edward.


Gee taught him how to blow a dandelion







This morning, we got up and Edward saw his goodies left by the Easter Bunny and he even got to hunt for a few eggs.  He was so excited that he had chocolate in his eggs and yes, I let him eat a few pieces with his breakfast!






Mom let me decide where I wanted to go to church and I chose to go to the church I grew up in.  I haven’t been back to Trinity Church since my wedding day.  It was a wonderful sermon and I enjoyed seeing familiar faces.

Thanks mom for letting us spend the weekend with you.  We had a wonderful time!!!

Edward’s 2nd Birthday

I know this post is overdue but we’ve been very busy lately!  Last Saturday we celebrated Edward’s 2nd Birthday.  The day started off with my sister and a friend coming up to help clean my house.  Thomas took Edward with him to run errands and I was freed up to bake Edward a cake.  It was such a nice morning and we got so much done. 



On Sunday, we had Edward’s party at a park in Opelika.  At the beginning of the week, the forecast was supposed to be beautiful.  As the week progressed, the chance of rain grew and grew.  I was so stressed out.  The rain ended up holding off until a couple of hours after the party.  At this park, they have a train that goes around the park.  You can rent it for parties.  I decided that since Edward is really into trains, I would rent the train for a little while and invite a few friends.  Man, birthday parties are chaotic!!!  I felt like by the time we were finished with cake and ice cream, everybody was leaving and I hadn’t even had a chance to visit!!

Edward had a blast.  He had about 6 friends there and the rest was family.  He really enjoyed riding the train and playing on the playground.  I still can’t get over that my baby is 2!!!

We appreciate all the family and friends that came.  It was an overwhelmingly fun time.  (P.S. these pictures are out of order.  Sorry!!)




Excited about the train ride!





The super cute cake made by a really talented friend!






Aunt Hollister and baby William