Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Big 3-0!

On November 6, I celebrated the big 3-0. If my birthday falls on a Saturday, it is always Auburn’s Homecoming. Thomas, with the help of my awesome sister and sister-in-law, threw together a fun little tailgate party to celebrate. A good friend of ours has a RV so they allowed us to set up camp at their tailgate spot. It was a VERY cold day. It was so nice for everyone that attended. My mom, dad and brother all drove up from Montgomery to make the day special. My sweet friend, Haley of Simply Charming Cakes, made a deliciously, adorable cake complete with all 30 candles!

Thank you Thomas, Hollister and Jacqueline for making my day extra special!!




Sweet William


Pop pop taking Edward and Haley to get ice cream!


My niece, Ally


It was WAY too cold for ice cream!!



Edward and Pop Pop looking at the “monster truck jeep”.



Me, Hollister and Lauren


Some of the kids


This sweet girl was a trooper. It was so cold and she slept most of the day!


Happy Halloween!

  We had a very fun Halloween this year.  Since my youngest sister is currently living in Auburn, she was able to trick or treat with us.  Thomas’ parents also joined us.  It was so much fun this year.  I think Edward was really able to grasp the concept of going door to door.  He enjoyed being able to run in the street and he certainly enjoyed the candy!!


Edward and his buddies, Haley and Tyler





Emily Kate was so good.  I decided not to put her in costume this year


Emily Kate’s Baptism

On October 17, Emily Kate was baptized at our church.  It was a beautiful service.  Some of our family was able to attend and we missed the ones that couldn’t.  I planned a very casual lunch at our house for after the service.  My sweet friend, Haley of Simply Charming Cakes, made the adorable Cross cookies that I served.






My precious nephew, William


EK and Gee


Edward and Pop Pop



My mom collaborated with a friend and together they created the Christening gown.  The gown first began as the graduation dress worn by both of my sisters.  Mom used some of it to create the gown.  It was first worn by my nephew, William, a few months ago.    I am so glad that we have this gown to pass down to all the children.  My sister-in-law, Jacqueline, surprised me with a garment bag for the gown.  On the bag, she had the name of the child baptized as well as the date of the baptism.  I am so excited and this will be such a special keepsake.








We enjoyed visiting with everyone and appreciate everyone that shared in this special day.

Fall Trip to Kentucky

Wow…it’s been a really long time since I posted.  Now that I’m working and doing all the other things mothers do, I find it hard to update!!  Please bear with me, I will try to get alot posted very soon!

The weekend of October 10, we packed up the car for a very long journey (now with 3 kids instead of 2) and headed to Kentucky.  We left after school on Friday and traveled through the night.  It wasn’t too bad of a drive with all the little ones sleeping.  We arrived at our hotel after midnight.

On Saturday, we headed out to do some visiting.  The reason we made the trip to Kentucky, was because our very good friend, Matt Jones (aka Jonesy) was getting married on 10/10/10.  We were so glad that we could be a part of the special day.  It was also a perfect excuse for a short family getaway!!  We spent all day Saturday visiting with our Kentucky “family”. 

On Sunday, we enjoyed a slow, lazy morning before preparing for the wedding.  Thomas was asked to sing and play his guitar for the bride and groom to dance.  That afternoon while Emily Kate napped, I took Brooke and Edward to the local arts and crafts festival so Thomas could get a little practice in.  The wedding was in the early evening and was absolutely gorgeous.  It was a small wedding and Edward stole the spotlight as he entertained himself.  He is such a ham!!

Monday morning we packed up and headed home.  It was fun but very tiring!!


Edward loved being able to run all over the Jones’ property




He also loved playing on the mule



Sweet EK waiting for the wedding to begin


Edward entertained himself at the wedding and was all over the place





He definitely entertained many of the guests!!


Brooke and Emily Kate

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

29 months and 3 months

*I started working on this post 2 weeks ago. They will be 30 months and 4 months next week. Beware…it’s a long one!!!

I really can't believe how fast time is flying. I know I say that all the time, but my oh my!!!


He talks all the time. In fact, he talks nonstop! I can't believe his vocabulary and he says the craziest things! Sometimes the things he says is at the worst possible times! For example, (and I'm sure this is inappropriate) the other day I had taken the kids to Georgia to shop and eat lunch. As the waiter was dropping off our check, Edward looks up at him and said, "I just tooted in my diaper." I wanted to die right then and there!

Last Sunday was promotion Sunday. Edward moved up to an actual Sunday School class where they actually do lessons and not just play. I was a little worried that he would have a difficult time staying focused and paying attention. We asked him what he talked about and he told us God. Later that night, Thomas had the following conversation with him:

Thomas: "Who made the flowers?" Edward: "God." Thomas: "Who made you?" Edward: "God." Thomas: "Who made Daddy?" Edward: "um, Pot!" (that's what he calls Thomas' dad).

He is a sweet, sweet boy. He loves both of his sisters. I can often hear him walking around the house saying "I love my Emmie Kate." I can't wait until she's big enough to actually play with him. I hope they grow up to be best friends!

He is super smart! He loves to sing and entertain. Last month he was at my in-laws house and picked up a calculator and said, "E-w-a-r-d" as he was pushing numbers. I'd say that's pretty good for a 2 year old! He loves to sing his ABCs, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Jesus Loves Me. He can count to 13. He is a huge fan of the Imagination Movers and loves singing along to all of their songs.

Another funny thing he said last month: Thomas: "Edward, you make me laugh!" Edward: "Awe. (pause) I tooted!" I know to some these are totally inappropriate but since I am not good at recording in his baby book I want a way to remember!

He has a very vivid imagination. I really try to encourage that and it helps make things easier when he's in one of his moods. We've struggled with bath time lately. One night I told him a frog was coming out of his head and that we needed to wash it out. He giggled and ran with it. Now frogs and turtles come out of his head, ears, tummy and nipples (he learned that real quick since I was nursing EK).

He is truly a joy and really keeps us on our toes. He’s a very active, loving 2 year old!


Emily Kate:

She has been such a joy. Compared to Edward as a baby, she is a piece of cake. She goes with the flow and is SO easy. She’s been sleeping through the night since she was about 7 weeks old. She changes every day, but still looks alot like Edward. She has been smiling for quite some time.

She has had thrush 3 times, RSV and a double ear infection, but through that all she has remained a fairly happy baby.

She loves to swing and sit in the Bumbo. She really takes in her surroundings! I look forward to watching her continued growth.



At the end of July, my mother-in-law took my sister-in-law, niece, Brooke, Edward, Emily Kate and me to the beach for a couple of days. She usually takes Brooke for a little grandmother/granddaughter trip but I was begging to take a little vacation. She and Brooke were gracious enough to let us tag along!!

We left on a Wednesday and the kids and I made a pit stop in DeFuniak Springs, FL to see my grandparents. They had not met Emily Kate yet so I figured it would be a good way to break up our trip. Edward had a blast running around and stretching after being in the car for 2 hours. My cousin, Amelia, was there and she was able to entertain him!  We had a wonderful visit and I was glad my grandmother got to meet Emily Kate who is partially named after her. Katherine was my grandmother's middle name and most of you know that EK is named after both of my grandmother's middle names. Make sense?? After having lunch we headed on to Panama City. Nancy Clay rented a fabulous condo at a place called Splash. This place was AWESOME and definitely geared more towards families. I highly recommend it. It had two pools, a lazy river, a toddler splash pad, and small area complete with water slides, water guns, etc. We unpacked and spent a little time exploring and letting the kids play. That night Nancy Clay took Brooke to dinner and Andrea and I (with 3 kids 2 years old and younger) ventured out to grocery shop.

Thursday we enjoyed all the fun things Splash had to offer. We started the morning with Edward and Brooke feeding the seagulls. I know this is frowned upon, but Edward was so tickled watching them dive and fight over the bread that was thrown from our 18th story balcony!! Edward loved the splash pad and the lazy river. Nancy Clay was so sweet and offered to stay indoors to watch EK while I played with Brooke and Edward. Andrea and I took the kids down to the beach briefly. The water was disgusting. There was not a single drop of oil but the seaweed was awful. It was the nasty green, slimy seaweed. It was so bad that when I showed Edward the seaweed in my bathing suit, he actually gagged! That night we all went to dinner and then went over to Pier Park and walked on the pier. We saw a young man reel in a baby shark. It was so neat and Edward couldn't get enough of it.

Friday morning we packed up and headed home. We had a short but very sweet trip. We really missed daddy. Vacationing with children is exhausting but rewarding. After this trip I gained a new appreciation for all the trips my parents took us on. Below are many of the pictures I took


Edward being silly with Amelia


EK passed out on my grandfather



My grandmother and EK


Brooke enjoying the splash pad




We spent alot of time at the Splash Pad.  Edward loved running through the water.









Edward was showing Nana Clay the moon


Nana Clay, Edward and Ally




I was trying to get a pic of the 3 kids but Edward was terrified of falling of the pier.  He was in full meltdown mode!


Nana Clay and her 4 grandkids



Brooke and Edward




Feeding the birds


This is just to show how green the water was