Saturday, May 30, 2009

Perdido Bay Trip

Last Friday, I packed up the car with luggage and kids and headed to Perdido Bay. My dad and his wife rented a beautiful home on the bay that was built in the 1930's. It was full of charm. The trip was for all of us to be together. Unfortunately Hollister was unable to join us because she was leaving Sunday for her Senior Trip to Jamaica. The weather Friday and Saturday was not all that great. Since we got there late afternoon on Friday, we spent that day unpacking and getting settled.
Saturday ended up being the perfect day to get some outlet shopping done while we waited for Thomas to arrive.
Dad and Will putting out a crab trap

I think I'll take the kayak out!

"Look Daddy!"

On Sunday, Dad got his boat and we spent all day cruising. We had lunch at Pirate's Cove and then found a beachy area to anchor so that we could swim. Edward HATED his life jacket but didn't mind riding in the boat. It also seems that we have a little fish on our hands. He loved swimming and playing in the water. The day ended with a crab boil prepared by Anne Moreland and her boyfriend Brian. After we ate, Thomas pulled out his guitar and Dad tried to strum along as we all sang. It was a great way to end the day!

Edward and Aunt Anne Moreland at Pirate's Cove

On Monday, Dad, his wife, Anne Moreland, Brian, Will and Jacqueline went deep sea fishing. It was kind of a dreary day so we went back to the outlet mall and played around the house.

On Tuesday, Dad decided he would take Brooke and her friend off our hands by taking them fishing. We felt that getting up at 5 a.m. with a 1 year old and spending 12 hours on a boat in the middle of nowhere was not our kind of fun. Thomas and I enjoyed a nice day with Edward. We had lunch at Lulu's and really enjoyed some time away from everyone else. The girls had a blast fishing. The got to see a waterspout, saw dolphins and watched a 7 ft. shark eat a fish they were reeling in. I wish I had pictures from this experience. After the long day of fishing, we headed out for our last meal all together. Edward tasted his first crab claw and seemed to like it.

Brooke and Edward

trying his first crab claw

Brooke and her friend, Anna

Edward and Aunt Jac

On Wednesday, everyone except the Corbitt crew packed up and headed home. We spent the morning playing in the bay. Edward had so much fun. He helped Sissy and her friend gather hermit crabs. He loved digging in the sand and playing in the water. After lunch, we promised the girls that we would take them to the beach. We packed up and headed to the first beach access we could find. Edward could not get enough of the waves. He LOVED it.

Brooke and Anna about 100 yds. from the shore

Edward checking out Brooke's hermit crabs

Thursday morning we packed up and headed home. It was such a fun trip and I was pleasantly surprised at how much Edward loved it. I can't wait to take another trip to the beach!

Sorry for all the pictures. There are so many good ones that I had a hard time narrowing it down!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hollister's Graduation

Congratulations baby girl! Hollister graduated from Macon East Montgomery Academy on May 21. She is headed to the University of Alabama in the Fall. I can't believe you are going to be on your own!
In an attempt to make room on my camera for our beach trip, I accidentally deleted the pictures taken at Hollister's graduation. I thought that I had already downloaded them on the computer. Oops!

Hollister's Baccalaureate

Edward and Gee

Aunt Hollister, Brooke and Edward

Aunt Hollister and Edward

On May 17, Macon East Montgomery Academy held its Baccalaureate service at Aldersgate Methodist Church. My sweet baby sister, Hollister, was in the Class of 2009. It was a wonderful service. It's hard to believe that she is all grown up now.

Spring Fun!

My mom still has the wagon that was mine. It's got to be close to 28 years old!

Mother's Day

**Note: I am a bit tardy in my blog posting and I have so much to catch up on, so I am going to try to do a marathon tonight.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day this year. We joined Thomas' mom and dad for church and then his mom prepared a meal for us. It was a nice meal and Edward loved visiting with Pot and Nana Clay. After lunch, we drove back to Auburn to let Edward have power nap before we headed to Montgomery. We gathered at my brother's house for a cook-out. Everyone was there except Anne Moreland. I always love gathering with my family. Edward loved spending time with Gee (my mom), Uncle Will, Aunt Jacqueline and Aunt Hollister. He really eats up the attention.

Here are a few pics from our time at Will's. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera when we visited with Thomas' mom.

Edward and Brooke

Edward and Uncle Will

Uncle Will took Edward to see the tractor across the street

Edward LOVES playing in water

Edward and Gee