Sunday, February 28, 2010

Winter in Kentucky (part 3)

We had a wonderful Sunday with our Kentucky friends.  We enjoyed church with the Jones family and then we headed to Lexington to meet another friend, his wife and new son.  They drove down from Ohio to spend a little time with all of us and so we could meet the newest addition to their family.  Once we got to Lexington, it started snowing.  We enjoyed a nice visit with the Hatches and Edward loved playing in the indoor playground.  Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of our time with the Hatches.

When we woke up Monday (President’s Day), it appeared that it had snowed all through the night and was really starting to accumulate.  Unfortunately, we were planning on heading home.  Thomas gave us a little time to enjoy the fresh snow.  Edward really enjoyed the snow and was a trooper the whole trip despite being off schedule and in a different time zone.  I believe the highlight of his trip was the new pair of rain boots I bought in preparation of the snow.  We literally had to wait until he was asleep before we could take them off.  You will see the green boots in several pictures!  We look forward to our visit in Kentucky in October when Jonesy ties the knot!!

Thank you Jones family for a fun filled trip!






The Jones’ beautiful home.



One last ride with Daddy





I love this area.  It is so pretty especially in the snow!




Reading with Mrs. Jones while trying to warm up!


Winter in Kentucky (part 2)

On that Saturday, we started off by doing absolutely nothing.  We stayed with our friend Jonesy and his parents (he is in the process of building a house and living at home in the meantime).  His parents live in a very old plantation home surrounded by LOTS of farmland.  Living on a farm requires a tractor or two and Edward LOVES tractors.  Saturday morning after breakfast, Jonesy went and got a tractor out and took Edward for a nice drive.  Edward was so excited.  He talked for hours about the tractor ride and seeing the cows.  After lunch, Jonesy decided he would take us to find a nice hill to sled on.  They still had some snow on the ground from several days earlier.  None of us had ever gone sledding so we were really looking forward to it.  We found a nice little hill with a creek running below it.  We had a blast and even this pregnant mama gave it a try.  I was terrified of sliding into the creek as you will see from the pictures below!




Driving the tractor with Jonesy    








Thomas and Jonesy sledding together – Crazy guys!!


Yes, that’s me!  24 1/2 weeks pregnant and sledding!  I was terrified that I was going to slide into the creek and that’s why my legs are spread eagle.  I was trying to prepare to stop!!




Sledding with Daddy


Brooke thought it would be fun to catch a ride on Jonesy’s back!


Winter in Kentucky (part 1)

I will start by saying that I will break this up into a couple of posts so that you are not totally bored by my words!!! President’s Day weekend we decided we would take the kids for a short vacation since Brooke had President's Day off. It just so happened that we were expecting up to 4 inches of snow on Friday so they canceled school for that day as well. We were very fortunate that schools were closed on Friday so we could get on the road in the morning instead of after Brooke got out. We packed up the car and headed out just as the snow began falling. We were a little sad to be leaving home with the expected snowfall but we knew that snow was expected to fall in Kentucky while we were there. The drive wasn't too bad until we got to the Birmingham area. Once there, the snow really began to fall and the roads didn't look great. We decided we would take our time driving since we were not expected in Kentucky until 9 that night. It snowed on us all the way to Huntsville. We stopped in Huntsville for a long lunch and to allow Edward to stretch his legs on the playground. He was a real trooper!!! We loaded back up and headed north. We had planned to stop at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY to eat up some of our time. For the last 10 years, every time Thomas and I headed to Kentucky, he has wanted to stop at the museum. We figured it MIGHT be a good idea this trip since Edward is so into things that move. Brooke was totally NOT into looking at cars!!!! Edward didn't care a thing about the cars. Well he was slightly interested but he really just wanted to run. I spent the whole time wrangling him so that Thomas could enjoy looking. It was a really neat place and had Corvettes that dated back to the very first one. I highly recommend it if anyone is ever traveling that way. It is right off I-65. After a short break we headed on to our destination. We stopped again for supper and then headed off to our friend Jonesy's house. Edward was thrilled to get out of the car and ate up every ounce of attention he got from Jonesy and his parents.


He wanted to get behind every railing that said “do not enter”


This Corvette frame said “Do not sit”  He’s a mischievous little guy!